Our Designs

By blending minimalistic sophistication, subtle accentuation, versatility, and comfort, our furniture aims to offer a unique and captivating experience to whomever that it comes into contact with.


It is targeted at individuals who appreciate a subtle uniqueness in their living spaces, seeking furniture that stands out through refined design elements rather than overt extravagance. People who value disctintiveness over uniquity will love our designs and the minimalism ensures humility and affordability.

Our Services

Our company takes great pride in offering a comprehensive suite of services that stems from our extensive experience and heritage in the furniture industry. With a deep understanding of market trends and an extensive network of suppliers, our furniture sourcing service ensures access to a diverse range of high-quality products.


Whether it’s finding unique pieces or fulfilling bulk orders, we leverage our industry knowledge to curate a selection that meets our clients’ specific requirements. Additionally, our expertise extends beyond sourcing, as we provide personalized design consultations, inspection services, and factory audits. With our rich heritage and commitment to excellence, we aim to deliver exceptional results for our customers to fulfil their unique needs.

Our Logo

Our company’s logo is a reflection of our core philosophy: “Differentiate by Design.” With a touch of artistic flair and practicality, our logo represents our commitment to crafting unique and functional furniture. The iconography in our logo showcase our attention to detail and individuality.


We strive to create furniture that stands out while seamlessly fitting into your everyday life. Our logo symbolizes the enthusiasm and exhilaration you get when unwrapping the ribbon off your new purchases – and we hope to bring the same joy to you and your customers.